Saturday, August 18, 2012

Experiencing Flight

Tomorrow afternoon I fly to Portland, Oregon, a side of the states I've never seen. I cannot help but wonder and fantasize what this magical and mystical land may be like. I'm sure while I'm on the plane my head will be in the clouds.

It seems like whenever I go on an adventure like this to new and undiscovered territory for myself, I always start having a bit of anxiety. I think this is mostly because I think to myself "this is insane and unimaginable." How fortunate am I to be flying through the clouds, going to experience a new place where people live their daily lives in their own world. Heck, my world in Commerce, Texas is even drastically different than those along the border in Texas or even those near and in Dallas. How cool is it that I am getting the opportunity to experience the world of Mira,Eric, and Auggie, who I am staying with in Portland. A place where I could maybe possibly live someday!

Yes, my head is in the clouds simply because I've heard that Oregon is a place of amazing natural beauty. I keep on thinking about experiencing flight in a different life. I look at the rain today that we had today in Texas, and cannot help but be so thankful. Not only for it keeping the spraying of mosquitoes from the sky, but for the beginning of a new life and new experience for something new. Its that strange and divine interconnectedness with nature that seems bind our souls when we experience the life in new and different ways.

So, as I sit on the plane tomorrow and await the clouds and rains, I hope that I can still take the time to be appreciative of all that has been given and all the adventure that is waiting for me, and not let the clouds in my head get in the way.

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